Donna Seebo

Donna Seebo is a woman of many talents including writing of children’s stories and non-fictional material. She has won awards for her publications and on this site with the benefit of modern day technology you can order/download not just her books but also her talking books. Donna’s narrations create a magical presence with her golden radio voice that children and adults enjoy listening to over and over again.

When Donna was a sophomore in high school a teacher in a creative writing class said to her, “Donna, if you will write as you speak you will be a wonderful writer.” Those prophetic words have come true. Her children’s book series started with a story she wrote to friends as a Christmas gift enclosed inside a holiday card as she had no money to buy them gifts. The response was enthusiastic and 20 years after the first story ‘God’s Kiss’ was written it was finally published with the artwork of Ed Gedrose filling the pages. It was a beginning of a whole new career and is now expanding dramatically due to the developments of new technology.

Other publications have evolved because of her dedicated work in the area of the paranormal, psychic and mind arenas. She also tells true life stories about people she meets. Currently she is developing other children’s publications with talking book audio formats, developing a magazine column and much more. On this site you will be made aware of new upcoming publications, appearances and much more as time passes.

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